How to make a Cherry Fool -- Joybilee Farm

How to make a Cherry Fool

Make of fool of your fruit This is a super easy, healthy and sweet dessert that you can pull together at the last minute.  A fool is a dessert of smashed fruit and whipped cream, layered in a parfait glass – I love to use . They are so pretty.  While my instructions are for […]

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Naturally dyed market bags

Fiber Friday – DiY Market Bags from upcycled T-shirts

Upcycle a dingy white t-shirt into a cloth grocery bag that will turn heads – no sewing skills required I keep forgetting to take reusable grocery bags to the store. The store cloth bags are a poly material that collects dust and lint, and doesn’t wash easily. The cloth bags that I’ve bought are heavy […]


Dead sea mud 2

Queen Esther’s Beauty Mask

Did Queen Esther actually use this complexion mask?  Undoubtedly, probably NOT.  But it’s made up of some special ingredients from the land of the Bible, including oil of myrrh, which she did use.  And the ingredients are healthful and are renowned for their restorative actions.  And you are quite frankly, royalty in your home.  You […]


How to choose a dehydrator -- Joybilee Farm

How to Choose a Dehydrator

Which dehydrator should I get? Lots of folks ask me which dehydrator I would recommend. I have a 30 year old, 10 tray, Berron Dehydrator, made in BC, Canada by an older gentleman back in the 1980s. … [Read More...]