A school for self-reliant skills, Joybilee Farm is a fiber farm, and artisan studio in the B.C. mountains.


On the blog you’ll find tutorials to help you embrace the homestead lifestyle of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and JOY.  From herbal remedies, animal husbandry, gardening, spinning, weaving, felting, canning and putting-by for winter; you’ll find the help you need to live a frugal, creative, self sufficient life and embrace your homestead dreams.  And along the way I’ll help you learn to make a living from your homestead, so that you can get out of debt and spend your days embracing your passions, doing what you love, where you want to live.

Be sure to visit the Joybilee Farm store and browse the yarn, roving, natural soaps, herbal balms, and other handmade, farm fresh items.

Looking for freezer lambs?  There’s a few still available for pick up at the farm.

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