St Johns wort in a jar pink

Ruby Red Relief for the pain in your neck

St. Johns Wort A bright yellow flower brightens the highway shoulder in Western North America every July.  It seems the hotter it gets the brighter the flowers look.  St. Johns Wort is a European import to North America that has naturalized wherever the roads are laid down, on dry ground, open pasture, road allowances, and […]


Making Eco-prints with woad and weeds

Eco-Prints with woad and weeds

This is an easy and gratifying project to do with your daughters or granddaughters this summer, when the flowers are fresh, and the leaves are green. You only need access to plants and some silk play scarves – you can get them at Dharma Trading Co. online. Make sure the scarves are actually silk and […]



How to Make Essential Oils and Floral Hydrosols from your own Garden

What are essential oils? Essential oils are the concentrated oils found in leaves and flowers that are responsible for their fragrance. They are highly volatile and evaporate into the air easily. They degrade in bright light.  This is why they are sold in dark glass bottles with tightly capped lids. They are usually used by […]


Book Club July 22nd

Homestead Kindle Book Club July 22nd

Free homestead Kindle books for self-reliance and emergency preparedness Warning: This post is time sensitive. Thank you for being part of this virtual assistance project – the Joybilee Farm Book … [Read More...]