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This ebook looks at 10 easy to grow herbs and shows you how to be successful growing them, whether you have a huge garden or just a few containers.  You’ll learn when the optimal time to harvest them is.  Finally each herb has a recipe to help you utilize the herb in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy it. 

The first step to food security is growing what you eat and eating what you grow.  10 Herbs From Garden to Plate will help you take the first baby step to growing your own food.  Even if you don’t have very much of a garden.  Even if you only have a few pots on a window sill, you’ll find this book useful. 

And if you are wondering how to expand your garden to make it more useful and get even more food security, you find tips to get you from beginning to successful harvest.











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My book, 10 Herbs From Garden to Plate

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By growing herbs yourself, in your own garden, you get the freshest, most potent medicinal herbs. These are thriving under the same stressors that you, yourself, are challenged with. When you buy dried herbs, even from local herb stores, they won’t be as active or as potent as the herbs that you harvest fresh and process yourself. But how do you fit medicinal herbs into your home garden plans? You don’t need hundreds of acres to grow enough medicinal herbs for your family’s wellness. Here’s 5 ways to fit medicinal herbs into your organic garden.


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Assuming you have the correct pollinator tree for the fruit that you have, your trees should be bearing some fruit within 5 years of planting. Once they start to bear, yields will increase annually. But if you don’t plant fruit trees you won’t get any fruit. So pick your cultivars, fence your orchard, and plant your trees so that you can begin harvesting amazing home grown fruit soon. Fruit you grow yourself will taste better, and be more nutritious than anything that you can buy in the store.

Newsletter Topics Include:

  • Tips to help you with food preservation, gardening, food storage
  • Recipes to use your homestead abundance
  • Herbal Remedies and How-Tos

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  • Crafty tutorials
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  • Tips on how to make a living from your homestead
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And anything else you and I might discuss while visiting over a cup of your favorite warm beverage, while looking out the picture window at the sheep, llamas, and chickens, at Joybilee Farm.


The Intermediate Herbal course is put together with the thought of where the student will go next in their studies, once this course is completed. This course lays the foundation for the next level of herbal education, whether the student desires to work toward a certificate along the entrepreneur herbalist path, the professional herbalist path, or the clinical herbalist path.

What people are saying about Joybilee Farm:

You are an inspiration! And thank you for your posts. They are helping me to simplify my life. – Anita D.


I may not be able to stock up and save all the time, but you give me ideas to strive for. – Karen J.
Really quick for me to read and explained some easy changes I’ve been able to make right away. Thank you:-) — Flower L.
Have been reading & re-reading your book and making plans to get more organized and focused! Your book is fabulous! Val E.


Seeing you post about abundance reminds me to stay mindful of the blessings that HaShem sends me every day. I live in a Co-op, work at public and Hebrew schools as well as do autism intervention work. Yet, with a very urban lifestyle I too feel a ‘homestead abundance’ every day. It comes with any of my fibre craft I do, my allotment garden, or teaching interested folk any reskilling that I have to offer, and living ‘more with less’… you are a blessing in my life. – Beatrice K.
This is why we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts! I’m thankful for having the knowledge of animal husbandry; my “close” internet friends; the fact that we can barter computer fixin’ for mendin; and beautiful sunshine so I can work in the yard today! – Kelly L.

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“Homestead Abundance is JOY for the journey — it not just for when you arrive.” – Chris Dalziel

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