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Spicy Fruit Leather

  • Author: Sarah


A spicy and slightly sweet fruit leather made from the extra pulp from Hot Pepper Jelly.



  • Put the residual pulp through the applesauce mill a few cups at a time.
  • If the pulp is too dry to run through the mill easily, add a small amount of apple juice. This is only if the pulp is too dry and starts gumming up the mill. It will be drier than standard freshly milled applesauce.
  • Once you’ve milled the pulp, give it a taste. If you find the jalapeno apple sauce too sour you can add sugar at this point in the recipe. The max amount is about 1/2 cup per liter, unless your apples were very tart.
  • Next prepare for dehydrating. Line the trays of your dehydrator for fruit leather. I used parchment paper to line my dehydrator trays. You can also use cling wrap, or specially designed fruit leather trays.
  • Place about 2 cups of the sieved pulp on each rectangular dehydrator tray. Spread it evenly with a spatula. Smooth out any rough areas, and make the outside edges slightly thicker than the middle.
  • Dry at 125F in your dehydrator for 6-8 hours, or until the leather is flexible and no longer sticks or is sticky.

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