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Food Security and Homestead Abundance Final

Are you worried about the economy?  Most of the folks I talk to are wondering what the damaging weather in the midwest will mean to their food dollars this year.  They’re thinking that things could get worse, a lot worse.  And frankly, they’re discouraged and they feel vulnerable to the powers that are beyond their control.  But you don’t need to feel scared about your family’s future.

In “4 Keys to Food Security and Homestead Abundance” I offer a plan to help you navigate through the different aspects of food security and make the best strategy for your own family food security.  But it isn’t just a plan to make-do.  I’m not offering you a “survival mindset”.  This is a plan to bring you Homestead Abundance as  you take a few easy steps toward better food security by managing the resources that you do have, right now.


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4 keys to Food Security and Homestead Abundance,

How to laugh at the time to come,

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  • How to stop worrying and start doing something about your family’s food security
  • How to get cancer-causing, genetically modified food out of your kitchen and off your plate
  • How to get more energy and feel better, while you save money at the grocery store
  • How to stock up for tomorrow and for unforeseen emergencies without going bankrupt
  • How to grow some of your own food, even if you live in a tiny apartment or in the middle of nowhere
  • How to cultivate a lifestyle of Homestead Abundance that self-sows more joy every day
  • How to stop feeling isolated and alone in your homestead lifestyle and build community right where you live

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I found the homesteading deal of the year for you!

This week I received a disturbing email from one of my blog readers.  Her husband had a recent heart attack and she was asking me about hawthorn berries.  As a man over 55, Obamacare was denying him surgery for his newly diagnosed heart condition, citing a waste of scarce resources.  This reader was looking for help through herbs to heal what alleopathic medicine has refused to treat.  This is just one example of the many emails and comments I receive every week of people waking up to their personal responsibility for their own health, and seeking natural means to heal.  While this is traumatic for this family, and I pray that their search for health will not be in vain, this is a blessing, too.  This is an opportunity to learn more about natural, herbal remedies and begin the journey to better health.

So often we bloggers, offer the caveat that we are not medical professionals but that we offer information from our own experiences, just like a neighbor talking to a neighbor over a cup of tea.  We remind everyone to consult their medical professional and do their own due diligence.  But what about when the medical profession refuses to treat?  What do you do then?  Find a naturopath, find an professional herbalist, read as much as you can both online and from the public library.  Take a course in herbal medicine.  Build your knowledge base and begin to build your herbal medicine cabinet.  And pray for wisdom in these times — wisdom to discern between the competing voices and wisdom to hold on to hope is essential.  I think this amazing bundle of books and products will help you on this journey.  There’s wisdom here — over $800 worth and for a tiny price.

Today, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle releases to the public.  This is a bundle of newly published eBooks, on the topics of faith, finances, health and wellness, homemaking, homeschooling, marriage, motherhood, pregnancy and babies, self-care, and working from home.  I’ve already taken a peek at this Ultimate Bundle, and it’s huge value.  Each of these books is written by a blogger who is an expert in the field that they write in.  These are recent releases and are not available free anywhere on the internet.  I took the opportunity to review one of the books in this bundle because I think that the topic is indispensable and relevant right now.

healing with god's earthly gifts

Healing With God’s Earthly Gifts: Natural and Herbal Remedies by Kate Tietje, of Modern Alternative Momma,  is one of the books offered in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this spring.  This eBook isn’t available anywhere else.  Kate is offering her book as a prepublication release so that you can enjoy it right now, instead of waiting till it is published in this summer.

Review: 5 stars out of 5 – excellent book.

When I first opened up the zip file for the Ultimate Bundle I was drawn to Kate Tietje’s book, Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts, because I love learning about the healing power of herbs.  Even though I already have several hard cover herb books, I found new ideas for using herbs in this eBook.

First, the aesthetics of the book are beautiful. The cover motif is repeated throughout the book and it makes for a very enjoyable experience, reading this in pdf format.  When your eyes are stinging from the glare of your computer terminal because of the stark whiteness of the background, that extra touch makes this book a real winner.  It’s a joyful reading experience.  This isn’t such an issue when you read it on Kindle.

Kate begins her book with a description of some of the general preparations that you might use to extract the medicinal actions of different herbs.  If you are new to using herbal remedies this is a very helpful starting point.  The list of preparations isn’t exhaustive – it includes only a few of the common home preparations like making a tea or water infusion, making an alcohol tincture or making a glycerine tincture, making salve from an oil infusion, and using capsules.  The book is not as in depth as some of the herbalism courses offered online, but it’s a really good starting point, if you are new to using herbal remedies.  Since the recipes are basic beginner recipes, the techniques are within range of everyone who wants to give herbal remedies a try.

There is a chart of common ailments which lists the specific recipes in the book that help this particular ailment.  It would have been nice if this section had been linked directly to the recipes.  But it’s easy enough to take an extra step and go to the linked table of contents to find the recipe that you need.  I read the PDF version of the book.  When you get your own copy of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle,  you’ll be able to print out page 13 and 14 from your pdf files and put it in your personal herbal remedies or Materia Medica binder for easy reference.  If you purchase the Kindle version you’ll get the PDF version as well.

The book includes 26 recipes – written just like a cookbook – that help with 42 different maladies.  You won’t find cures for serious issues like broken bones, heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, for instance.  For serious health problems you want to consult a professional, not an eBook.  But for the range of common maladies, this book offers lots of options for relief.  And this is a really good place to start if you are a beginning in using herbs in your home.

One recipe that I plan to try as soon as my garden is growing, is the recipe for Multivitamin Tincture.  Who knew that you could make vitamins from your garden? This is made from the weeds in your garden (or you can buy the ingredients from Rose Mountain herbs, if you like.)  It is a glycerin tincture which makes this remedy ideal for giving to children.  It contains alfalfa, dandelion, catnip, nettles, and mint.  I would tweak this recipe by adding rose hips for their abundant vitamin C.

1 ½ cups of dried herbs or 3 cups of fresh herbs, (There are exact measurements in the book.)

2 cups of food grade vegetable glycerin

2 cups of filtered water

I’ll let you find your own directions from Kate’s book, on page 21-22.


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This Ultimate Homemaking Bundle surpasses even the bundle that came out last Fall.  I think it’s the best deal of the year, so far.

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