Worried about the economy and the food in your larder? Grab my e-book

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Are you worried about the economy?  Most of the folks I talk to are wondering what the damaging weather in the midwest will mean to their food dollars this year.  They’re thinking that things could get worse, a lot […]

7 Heirlooms to grow in your vegetable noodles garden

7 Heirlooms to grow in your Vegetable Noodle Garden - Joybilee Farm

How to grow a vegetable noodle garden Next year I’m definitely going to grow noodles in my garden. I love vegetable noodles. They satisfy a craving for comfort food without the extra calories and without the blood sugar hit that regular, starchy pasta gives. Some vegetables are easier to make vegetable noodles from than others. […]

Whet your herbal appetite with The New American Herbal

New American Herbal

Review: The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr (Crown Publishing: NY, 2014) 4 stars out of 5 Once you master growing vegetables in a few raised beds, garden rotation, and companion planting, the backyard gardener may be tempted to get into a rut. will prevent gardener stagnation. Orr is a garden writer as well as […]

Fast and Easy Vegetable noodles from scratch

Fast and Easy Vegetable noodles from scratch

How to make Vegetable noodles There’s something comforting and satisfying about noodles. Whether the word noodles makes you think of your childhood mac ‘n’ cheese, spaghetti, ramen, or stroganoff or just chicken noodle soup – noodles are comfort food. However, there are many reasons to stave off indulging in their starchy comfort including dietary restrictions, […]