Worried about the economy and the food in your larder? Grab my e-book

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Are you worried about the economy?  Most of the folks I talk to are wondering what the damaging weather in the midwest will mean to their food dollars this year.  They’re thinking that things could get worse, a lot worse.  And frankly, they’re discouraged and they feel vulnerable to the powers that are beyond their […]

How to make pickles — the secret to kosher dills like Bubbe made

How to make pickles -- Joybilee Farm

As I write this I’m munching on a cold, crunchy kosher dill pickle. There is snow outside and a blizzard expected on the East coast of North America. I’m cosy warm next to my wood cookstove, though, while I savour this healthy taste of summer. The garlicky dill pickle flavour is just slightly sour, and […]