Worried about the economy and the food in your larder? Grab my e-book

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Are you worried about the economy?  Most of the folks I talk to are wondering what the damaging weather in the midwest will mean to their food dollars this year.  They’re thinking that things could get worse, a lot […]

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Building a Writer’s Retreat on our Homestead

cottage roof beams

Emergency off-grid living I’ve had in the back of my mind, shutting off the electricity to our farm and going off grid.  Since we moved here in 2003 to homestead full time, without a salary, shutting off the power, was on the list as a last resort if we ever ran out of money.  As […]

5 ways to preserve and use calendula flowers

calendula 2

Last night I watched the videos for module 2 of the Cuaranderismo course at the University of New Mexico.  Guest lecturer, Bernadette Torres spoke about using calendula infused oil as a breast massage oil to encourage lymph drainage, and reduce pain, swelling, and lumps in both women and men.  This was a new use, for […]

The Easy Way to Preserve Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes 1

The easy way to turn your prolific cherry tomatoes into dried tomatoes Have you ever tossed cherry tomatoes in the compost bucket because they started going mouldy before you could use them all up? I have, and more so when I grow my own. Cherry tomatoes are abundant. If you are growing your own, by […]

How to Dry Bananas and take advantage of sales

How to dry bananas and take advantage of discounts. -- Joybilee Farm

Bananas are a strange fruit.  Unless you grow your own, in your backyard, your bananas are picked green and hard.  They ripen over time, slowly.   You can speed their ripening if you store them near apples.  Apples give off ethylene as they ripen, which speeds the ripening of bananas, as well as other fruit.  Around […]

How to Choose a Dehydrator

How to choose a dehydrator -- Joybilee Farm

Which dehydrator should I get? Lots of folks ask me which dehydrator I would recommend. I have a 30 year old, 10 tray, Berron Dehydrator, made in BC, Canada by an older gentleman back in the 1980s. Mr. Joybilee has repaired it 3 times with minor repairs, over the years. It’s a workhorse that dries […]

Kick apathy to the curb, with Kombucha Revolution

Kombucha Revolution kicks apathy to the curb

Sometimes when we do something day in and day out, every week, every year, we get bored and apathetic.  We’re just going through the motions.  Sure it may be healthy, but the joy is gone.  It no longer brings the emotional rewards that it once did.  Brewing kombucha, or mushroom tea, had gotten like that […]

How to make a Cherry Fool

How to make a Cherry Fool -- Joybilee Farm

Make of fool of your fruit This is a super easy, healthy and sweet dessert that you can pull together at the last minute.  A fool is a dessert of smashed fruit and whipped cream, layered in a parfait glass – I love to use . They are so pretty.  While my instructions are for […]