Fresh clean water for life – Berkey Water Filter Review and Giveaway

Clean water for life

Clean, pure water is essential to your homestead abundance.  Even fresh Spring water, like we have at Joybilee Farm can be contaminated with industrial pollution, chemicals, and heavy metals from local mine operations, climate engineering activities, and wildlife, things you have no control over.  We’ve been using a Royal Berkey water filter at Joybilee Farm for about a year now.  I highly recommend the Berkey Water Filter over other water filter systems that we’ve tried.

The Berkey Water Filter was easy to set up.  It took about an hour the first first time to flush and prime the filters and set it up on the counter.  The Royal Berkey, the size that I use, takes up less than a square foot of counter space and holds about 3 gallons (12 litres) of water.  We fill ours before we go to bed at night and have enough water for most of our cooking and drinking.  On days that I make Kombucha, I fill it again before dinner time.

Our water comes raw off of a spring above us on the mountain.  There are mining activities above us and the possibility of heavy metal contamination.  Further, our water tepidity changes depending on the season and the weather, changing the appearance and the taste of our water.  When water enters our house, it is filtered through a particle filter which takes out fine sediment.

In our previous home, in the city, where water was treated with a toxic chlorine-ammonia disinfectant, we installed an under the sink, reverse osmosis water purification system.  This system required a professional to install it — the system was $800 and then the professional installation added to that cost.  It was a five filter system that removed viruses, bacteria, and chemicals.  The filters required annual replacement that amounted to about $150 a year with the reverse osmosis filter being replaced every 4 to 6 years, at almost $300.  It did the job it was meant to do.  We had to leave it when we sold our home.

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Our filter system, out in the country is a dual carbon filter that takes large particles out of the water supply.  The 2 filters need to be replaced every 6 months, at a cost of about $30 each time.  But we usually only replace them once a year.  It’s hard to find the filters locally, so it necessitates a trip to the city.  The system has an additional faucet, to the right of my sink, where the water is delivered.  This faucet leaks.  And the water coming out is slow as it goes through the two filters.  There is no holding tank.  I never trusted this filter system.  Somehow, water sitting for days in the plastic filter containers doesn’t seem clean, so I run the water for several minutes before filling my cup.

We purchased our Royal Berkey Water Filter to purify our water from the mountain spring, and to give us piece of mind.  We haven’t had our water tested for potability since we moved. The water test is about $100, the cost of two Berkey filters, so it doesn’t make economic sense to do this regularly.  We bought our Royal Berkey in September 2012 and have used it for a year.  (Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion of the Royal Berkey 4 filter system that we use.  I did not receive any compensation from the company and am not compelled to give a favourable review.)

What I love about the Berkey :

  • The filters don’t need replacing very often.  They have a 3,000 gallon life span.  You just scrub them off with a plastic pad when the filtering slows down.  We’ve cleaned them once in the last 12 months.  The filters will probably need to be replaced in 4 years with our current usage.  (approx. $100)
  • The filters take out pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and heavy metals but leave in the essential minerals that your body needs.
  • The filters remove viruses, cysts, protozoa, and bacteria.
  • The Berkey is portable, so I can take it with me when I move, or if I go on a trip.
  • It sits on the counter not under the sink, so its easily accessible to all family members.
  • It’s easy to fill with fresh water and any family member can do it.
  • It’s stainless steel, which is non-reactive and won’t add endocrine disruptors to our water the way plastics can.  My under the sink water filter systems had plastic housing.
  • People filling their cups don’t need to stand at the sink, in my small kitchen, and impede the progress of my kitchen work. (Major bonus!)
  • My Complete Royal Berkey costs about the same as 2 to 3 years of replacing filters on the reverse osmosis filter system or 5 years with the 2 filter system at Joybilee Farm.  The Berkey filters are about $150 for the 4 filter system we have and won’t need replacing for 4 years — the stainless steel holding tank will last indefinitely — clean water for life.
  • My Royal Berkey is expandable to double the filter capacity by adding 2 more Berkey Filters ($100).  This would allow our system to filter faster and increase the number of people that could easily be served daily.  It is part of my preparedness plans to add 2 more filters, should our system be required in an emergency.
  • It feels good to have the confidence that my drinking water is clean, without lead, mercury, radon, bacteria, and viruses, no matter what’s going on up stream from us and regardless of the dangers in the world around us.
  • Its a portable system that could be carried with you on a trip — although many people get a smaller Berkey, like the Go Berkey for camping trips and to keep with their Bug-Out supplies.
  • When I move I can take the Berkey with me so its a once in a lifetime purchase.

What I don’t like about the Berkey

  • It drips on the floor when I’m filling the kettle.  Its just awkward to fill a kettle from the spigot.
  • It takes about an hour to filter the 3 gallons of water so you do have to wait if you let it run dry.
  • You have to plan ahead for an increase in water usage — it’s not a demand filter.

In fact, I loved my Royal Berkey so much, I bought a Big Berkey for my son’s family for Christmas last year.

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Learn more about Berkey Filters
Berkey Water filter Fact Sheets
Berkey Clean Water Blog
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  1. says

    Oooooohhhhhh……I’ve really been wanting one of these! I have been hauling water from out of town for 32 years and am SO tired of it! Our city water is horrible. I never let my kids drink it growing up and we still don’t drink it. I’ve been trying to find a way to purchase one of these, but the funds have just not been there. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win one! Great idea!!!

  2. Michele White says

    I have a friend who has the large Berky and she is so proud of it!! The comfort and security it gives – knowing your family is safe from all that the pollution has done to the earth – is immeasurable!

  3. Blaine says

    In addition to all of your wonderful emails full of very useful information, this giveaway is over the top…thanks for the pros and cons of the Berkey system, I have been pondering this purchase for some time, but maybe I’ll win and then I won’t have to ponder anymore 😉

  4. Susanne says

    What a great review and giveaway! We have thought about a water filtration system but haven’t done anything yet. Sadly, since we don’t do facebook and other social media, I can’t enter the giveaway. Thanks for the review though!

  5. Rose Petal says

    We’ve used our Berkey for over 13 years, ever since prepping for Y2K. Ours is really way too small for a family of eight, so we are hoping to add another one soon so we don’t have to be refilling it so often. We try to keep eight to 12 gallon jars full of filtered water as an emergency supply (we use old cider or vinegar jugs). We rotate the supply, using from the jugs and refilling them from the Berkey. In 13 years we’ve replaced the four filters twice. The second time was just last year so I imagine they will last another five years at least, and much more if we get a second Berkey.

  6. Nicole Mathews says

    I LOVE your blog and so appreciate other believers who are sharing their knowledge! Thanks for all you do and I pray a little prayer that I could win this lovely give away!! Thanks!

    • says

      Because I’m not the person who decides these things. The sponsor decides where they are willing to ship to. And many of the American sponsors don’t want the extra expense and legal hassle of shipping internationally. It’s not as easy to ship internationally if you are a business, as it is if you are just private individual. There are huge legal issues, especially if you are shipping a “free” item. Government red tape adds to the cost.

  7. says

    I would love to have one of these to share with my son. He’s a Deputy Sheriff on the bomb team (every mother’s dream). They are starting their own “little farm” , and I think this would be a tremendous gift for them. I might even get a couple of brownie points also.
    thanks for the opportunity.
    I LOVE your posts on FB.

  8. Jan S says

    Have wanted a Berkey for so long! Just has not been in the budget! But maybe I will get get lucky! A Berkey is the BEST!

  9. Raven Legal says

    This has been on my wish list for some time! Oct 7 the my birthday and this would be an extra special presentas iI could share with the entire family! What a great contest and love your page- I follow you on FB

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