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The Best Lion’s Mane Coffee Recipe You Can Make At Home

  • Author: Sarah


Coffee with lion’s mane mushroom powder.


  • 3/4 cup whole coffee beans
  • 1/4 cup dried lion’s mane, coarsely broken
  • 1 tablespoon ceylon cinnamon (sweet cinnamon)



  1. Grind your coffee in a coffee grinder, or spice grinder, to your desired fineness.
  2. Grind your lion’s mane mushroom to the same fineness as your coffee powder.
  3. Sift the ingredients together until they are well blended. Pour into a seal-able storage container.
  4. Store prepared coffee in the fridge or freezer to preserve optimum flavor and freshness.

This recipe makes enough blended lion’s mane coffee for 5 mocha pots, or 15 cups of coffee.

To Brew:

Use one tablespoon of your coffee blend per cup of coffee. Brew as per your normal brewing method.

For a mocha pot, use two tablespoons of the lion’s mane coffee mixture for one pot. This makes three cups of mocha pot espresso. Take the espresso and combine it with ice or with boiling water to make an approximately standard cup of coffee.

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