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A refreshing coffee soap for gardeners, and those who work with their hands.


  • 20 ounce silicone soap mold
  • 20 oz. Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base, separated
  • ¼ cup whole roasted coffee beans
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground Coffee
  • 1 teaspoon coffee essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla oleo resin essential oil
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in a Spray Bottle


  1. Weigh the Melt and Pour Soap.  Cut into ½ inch cubes and place cubes in a glass measuring cup.  Make a double boiler using the glass measuring cup.  Melt the goat’s milk melt and pour soap over low heat until fully melted.  Remove from the heat.   Pour one third of the melted goat’s milk soap into a separate glass measuring cup.  Stir in vanilla oleo resin.
  2. Spray mold with isopropyl alcohol.  Tilt mold at an angle and support one side with a canning jar ring.  Pour melted goat’s milk soap into the mold so that it completely covers the bottom of the mold and goes up one side of the mold to 2 inches deep.  Spritz the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles.  Allow this to sit for 30 minutes until soap is cooled and the surface is firm.  You may have some of this soap remaining.  Set aside any remaining soap from this portion.
  3. Meanwhile, stir coffee beans into the remaining 2/3rd portion of melted soap.  Return the soap to the double boiler and simmer over low heat for 30 minutes to infuse the soap with coffee beans.  Remove from the heat.  Strain the hot soap through a coarse sieve to separate the whole coffee beans from the soap.  Return strained soap to the glass measuring cup.
  4. Stir the ground coffee and coffee essential oil into this portion of soap.  Set this aside and allow the soap to cool to 120°F. stirring the soap to evening distribute the coffee grounds as the soap cools.
  5. Spritz mold with isopropyl alcohol again, covering the top of the hardened soap.  Remove the prop from the soap mold and prop up the other side to the same angle as the first.  Pour the coffee infused Melt and Pour soap into the mold so that it completely covers the vanilla soap and goes up the side by 3 inches.    Spritz with isopropyl alcohol to remove any air bubbles. Allow this soap to cool and harden until the surface of the soap is firm.
  6. Remelt any remaining soap in the double boiler, as necessary.  Spritz the top of the soap with isopropyl alcohol again to remove bubbles.  Remove the prop from the mold and stand the mold evenly on the counter.  Pour any remaining soap into the mold.  Spritz with alcohol again to remove any air bubbles.  Set the soap aside to harden for 4 hours or overnight.
  7. Unmold the soap carefully by pulling the silicone mold away from the sides of the hardened soap.  Cut the soap into 5 equal bars.
  8. Wrap the bars of soap immediately in plastic wrap to prevent glycerine sweat from forming on the bars.  Plastic wrap may be sealed around the bars of soap using a heat gun for a professional finish.

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