Easiest Gluten-free Hamantaschen Cookies for Purim

Gluten-free hamantaschen are quick and easy to make with little fussying.  Whip up a double batch so you have some to eat and some to share with friends.  Even those who can eat regular hamantaschen will enjoy the flaky, pastry texture of these gluten-free purim cookies.





  1. Mentally divide the edge of the circle into three equal sections.
  2. Lift one cookie edge over the jam filling.
  3. Lift the second side of the cookie edge, so that the first edge comes under the second edge, where they join.  Pinch lightly to seal the corner.
  4. Lift the third side of the cookie edge.  Tuck the third edge over the second edge and under the first edge where they meet.  Pinch lightly to seal the dough on the remaining two corners.  One hamantaschen formed.  Repeat this folding technique with the other circles of dough.