Fir Needle Detox Bath Salts Recipe to Help You Feel Better Faster Print
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This detox bath salts recipe, made with foraged Douglas fir needles, is rich in health boosting actions to relieve pain, sooth inflammation, and get you feeling better faster. Make some now to have on hand when you need it during cold and flu season.

Fir Needle Detox Bath Salts Recipe

  • Author: Joybilee Farm


This detox bath salts recipe uses fir needles for color, fragrance, and for their therapeutic properties.  Use this bath twice a week or even daily during cold and flu season to invigorate your body and improve circulation, health, and well being.

If desired you can increase the potency of this detox bath by adding essential oils but the bath is therapeutic without the added essential oils, too.




Harvest fresh douglas fir or other confer needles by cutting the needles from pruned branches using herb scissors.  Cut the needles into very small pieces.

Place one cup of Dead Sea salt and 1/2 cup of herbs in a food processor or blender and blend until the salt has turned a chartreuse green and the fir needles are about the same size as the salt crystals.  Repeat with the remaining half cup of fir needles.

Pour the green salt mixure into a large bowl.  Add the remaining Dead Sea salt.  Stir in olive oil, sunflower lecithin or polysorbate 20, to keep the oil from floating on the surface of the bath water.

Stir in essential oils, if you are using them.

Pour the bath salts into a glass mason jar.  Cap tightly to retain the volatile fragrance.

To use:

Place 1/2 cup and up to 2 cups in a warm to hot bath tub.  Add the bath salts just before entering the tub.  Soak in the tub for a minimum of 20 minutes, adding more warm water to keep the bath steaming.  1/2 cup of this detox bath is enough to maintain relaxation and circulation.  When you are congested or feeling unwell, increase the amount of bath salts to 2 cups to increase it’s detoxification and decongestant benefits.

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