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Shelf Stable Elderberry syrup

  • Author: Sarah


This recipe is made in two parts. First an elderberry tincture is made by infusing elderberry and brandy. In the second part additional elderberries are made into syrup.The two formulas are added together to create a more potent remedy that is stable at room temperature.



Part  1 Ingredients:

  • ½ cup dried elderberry or 1 cup fresh elderberries
  • 1 cup brandy

Part 2 Ingredients:

  • ½ cup dried elderberries or 1 cup fresh elderberries
  • 2 inch piece of ginger, sliced (optional)
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup honey



Part One: Directions

  1. Place elderberries and brandy together in a pint jar. Cover with a lid. Shake well. Set aside.
  2. Shake daily for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, strain, reserving liquid

Part Two Directions:

  1. Put elderberries, ginger,and water into a saucepan. Simmer over medium heat for 15 minutes, with the lid off. Remove from heat. Cool slightly.
  2. Strain out elderberries. Return the liquid to the pan. Simmer until liquid is reduced by half. Remove from heat.
  3. Cool to just warm to the touch. Stir in honey and elderberry tincture.
  4. Pour your shelf stable elderberry syrup into sanitized pint jars. Cap tightly. Label and date:

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