DIY moisturizing natural hand sanitizer from flax - Print
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Strong flax natural hand sanitizer

  • Author: Chris


A strong hand sanitizer recipe with alcohol as part of the base, this will strip up to 98% of both good and bad bacteria from your skin.




  1. Simmer the water and flax seed together for 15 minutes.  You want a fairly thick jelly since you will be diluting it with alcohol.
  2. Strain the gel from the flax seed.  Discard the flax seed and retain the gel
  3. You will have 2 cups of flax jelly.  Put the flax jelly in the bowl of your stand mixer, with the whisk beater and begin to beat.
  4. Slowly add your vodka (or rubbing alcohol) to mix well.
  5. Add glycerine and essential oils of your choice.
  6. This flax/alcohol hand sanititizer closely resembles commercial hand sanitizing products in consistency, put in a squeeze or pump bottle.
  7. Label and date.


It feels a bit sticky when it goes on but it is absorbed by your skin quickly.  If you are concerned about the toxic affects of rubbing alcohol being absorbed by your body, I recommend using vodka in this recipe.

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