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Homemade Chewy Banana Chips in Your Dehydrator

  • Author: Sarah


Easy chewy banana chips.



12 bunches of bananas

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 cup water

Optional: cinnamon, other spices


Thinly slice the banana into coins. Combine lemon juice and water, and swish the banana slices through the mixture as they are cut.

Place the treated banana slices on your dehydrator trays.

Dry at 125F for 8-12 hours for chewy banana chips. Banana chips become crisper if the dehydrator temperature is at 135F, but they need to be monitored at that temperature to prevent the sugars from caramelizing.

Let cool naturally, and peel off the trays. Store in ziploc bags, glass jars, or vacuum sealed bags. If you are concerned about the shelf life, store in the freezer. In my experience, dried bananas have lasted in ziploc bags, in cool storage, for several years without any change in flavor or texture.

Note: Banana chips are one of the few dried fruits that may still be sticky after they are fully dried.

If you don’t like the slightly sour impact of the lemon juice on the outside of the banana piece, you do not need to use lemon juice. You can just dehydrate straight sliced banana pieces, they will just slightly oxidize brown and look less visually appealing. The banana flavor and shelf life is about the same.

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